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Info for Groups

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller



Benefits for groups


Upskill your Workforce

Accelerate your team's development by attending different sessions and reuniting to share the takeaways. What is gained at the event will have a halo effect on the entire company, whether it’s technical hacks, innovations in AI or leadership skills.

Build Strong, Connected Teams

There’s nothing like an out-of-office group experience to boost the togetherness of your staff. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity, great for bonding, networking, and celebrating breaking boundaries in tech.

Improve Retention

People are more likely to stay in an organization that makes them feel valued. Sending your people to #WiTDC25 shows that you understand their challenges and are investing in their skills.

Champion DE&I

Don’t just pay lip service; take action! Employees in your organization will see a real shift in motivation, energy, and morale after attending the event.

Did I hear 'savings'?

Image of a group of event attendees standing behind a sign

The bigger the group, the greater the discount! Have a look at how much you can save. Have a look below or simply contact our team to discuss.

5-9 Tickets

Save 5%

10-24 Tickets

Save 10%

25+ Tickets

Save 15%