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Apply to Volunteer

We are looking for some great volunteers to help us at Women in Tech DC on May 15 - 16 to help us deliver a seamless and impactful experience to all our attendees to ensure that together we can drive positive change!

Your contribution in both time and energy will ensure our participant’s experience at Women in Tech DC is exceptional and this is a great way to gain event experience and attend the event for free!

Key Information

Who is eligible to volunteer?

Typically, anyone is eligible to volunteer who is 18+. We’ve had everyone from students to tech veterans. All volunteers are considered through an application process. Volunteers will be expected to be available in-person during the event days.

How long will I be volunteering?

A full agenda and schedule will be confirmed with you in advance of the event. We ask that you make us aware of any restrictions to your availability as soon as possible.

What roles are available?

We will have various roles available throughout the two days and we will supply you with details and confirm the role with you prior to the event. We will endeavour to split times to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in the event as attendees.

Will expenses be covered?

Your contact will confirm any terms and conditions of your participation with you directly.

Ready to apply?

To apply for a volunteer role, complete the online application form below by April 30.




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