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Grace Llojaj

Grace Llojaj

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Piper Companies

After beginning my career as a Continuous Improvement Project Manager in the aerospace/defense industry, embedding with departments from finance to IT to identify and implement efficiencies and cost-saving efforts, I began focusing on projects related to governance, risk, and compliance and third-party risk, which was really my entry point into the realm of cybersecurity. Since then, my experience has been multifaceted, encompassing diverse verticals at both startups and Fortune 500 organizations. From overseeing program management and navigating the intricacies of marketing/communications to steering fundraising efforts and driving international expansion, my journey spans the dynamic landscape of organizational development. My expertise extends to workforce planning, recruitment/talent acquisition, corporate social responsibility, talent management, and talent development.

In my current capacity, I play a pivotal role in advising clients on cybersecurity initiatives, identifying critical skills gaps within their cybersecurity functions, and crafting and implementing tailored growth solutions to address complex business challenges. Simultaneously, I lead strategic initiatives that fortify cybersecurity frameworks across the corporate landscape.

Outside of work, I spend time volunteering and serving on nonprofit boards dedicated to women's empowerment and advancement. In these organizations, my primary focus has been on fundraising and marketing strategy, as well as recruitment and organizational development. In my free time, I enjoy being active through yoga & running, reading, and exploring new places with my husband Gert and our new baby who just joined us in February 2024, whether that is through travel or just trying the newest restaurant in town.