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22 Feb 2024

Top 5 Tips To Convince Your Boss To Attend #WiTDC24!

Top 5 Tips To Convince Your Boss To Attend #WiTDC24!

Attending Women in Tech DC can serve as a crucial stepping stone in your professional development, providing a vital tool to help you grow in your career! It’s highly beneficial to gain the support of your organization by working with your manager to help you attend the event and how it can benefit both your individual growth and align with company objectives. 

We understand the challenges posed by the current climate when persuading your boss the value, time, and investment in attending.  

To help you, we’ve highlighted top 5 tips and a template to help you pull together a convincing argument for your boss to help you attend Women in Tech DC 

1) Be purposeful 

Explain how it is relevant to your role and the company’s objectives. Highlight the specific skills, knowledge or insights you will gain by attending and how you will apply them in your role and your team. Use the Why Attend page to help identify your reasons for attending. 

2) Provide a clear agenda 

Highlight specific sessions or workshops that are most relevant to your job role and career goals. Use the Agenda page and the dedicated filters to find the sessions most relevant to you and what you’re looking to get out of the event! 

3) Be transparent about cost 

Make sure you let your manager know about the costs associated with attending the conference, including registration fees and any other relevant costs. But also be sure to let them know of exclusive discounts and savings along with expiration dates to let them know when they need to act urgently! You can find out more about our ticket price breakdown here. 

4) Demonstrate a clear ROI 

Quantify the benefits and identify any valuable takeaways which could result in a positive return on investment on the cost of a ticket for your organization. Provide specific examples of how attending will benefit the company, such as learning new technologies, expanding your network, or gaining insights into industry trends that can improve company performance. Link sessions/skills to specific projects that you’re working on to help your Boss  

5) Emphasize your commitment to the company 

Finally, convey your passion and commitment to the company, and explain how attending will help you to better serve the company’s goals. Reassure your boss that you will remain fully engaged with your job responsibilities while attending the conference, and provide a plan for how you will share what you learn with the rest of the team. 

Ready? Access the Convince Your Boss Toolkit now to bring together a convincing argument and join us at the the central meeting place for women in tech at Women in Tech DC! 

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