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Jul 04, 2024

Q&A w/ Nisha Paliwal, Managing Vice President - Enterprise Data Technology @ Capital One

Q&A w/ Nisha Paliwal, Managing Vice President - Enterprise Data Technology @ Capital One

Following the success of her session at this year's Women in Tech DC, we caught up with one of our speakers, Nisha Paliwal, Managing Vice President - Enterprise Data Technology @ Capital One to hear more about her time at the event, the impact of our theme, Digital X Human and how Capital One are committed to the development of women in tech.

How does Capital One perceive the impact of Digital X Human, and how is it transforming the human experience in the age of digital innovation?
Innovation is more than just developing new products, software, or services; it’s about solving problems, challenging assumptions, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible - something each of us do every single day. In our rapidly-changing world, where innovation drives progress, it’s crucial that we ground ourselves in our human values as we navigate and lean into the challenges and opportunities that come with an evolving tech landscape. 

Why do you consider participation in this event to be crucial for Capital One?
One of the things I love about Capital One is that our company is grounded in a culture that embraces diversity and values all perspectives. Building diverse teams is so important because our customers are broadly representative of the population in our country; we serve them better when we understand and relate to their needs. We have continued to invest in building a more diverse technology workforce and increasing representation in the industry - Women in Tech DC is an important step toward that as we enjoy and celebrate the power of togetherness, collaboration, and diversity of thought!

In what ways does attending events like Women in Tech DC contribute to advancing diversity and empowering women in the technology sector?
Women have played some pivotal roles in some of the most groundbreaking innovations in our history–from landing the first man on the moon to Grace Hopper, who pioneered computer programming languages. It’s true that each of us can be the next innovator in the tech space! As a technology leader, I have dedicated as much time and energy as possible to supporting others: I seek to mentor, I try to volunteer time with worthy organizations, and I seek to provide a voice to the underrepresented in any way that I can. Building strong relationships with colleagues, mentors, allies, and industry partners is essential! By fostering diverse networks and supporting each other, we can overcome barriers, share knowledge, and amplify our impact. 

What motivated Capital One to sponsor this event, and what specific objectives were you aiming to achieve?
At Capital One, we're driven by our mission to change banking for good to help our more than 100 million customers succeed. As one of the nation’s leading digital banks, technology is central to our business strategy and to how we deliver differential value to our customers. Also core to our values are our efforts to contribute to a diverse, inclusive tech industry, where all individuals can thrive, grow, and learn. I’m very excited to celebrate Women in Tech; the purpose of this organization is very close to my heart as we seek to increase representation.

From your perspective, what are the most significant challenges currently obstructing the progress of women in technology and other marginalized groups?
Improving representation in the industry - at all levels - should be a focus across the board. Too, it’s important that we create a culture where every individual is respected, heard, and feels comfortable bringing their whole selves to the workplace. As we continue to build that pipeline, it’s so important that we support, retain, and develop talent through a sense of community, mentorship, and advocacy. Together, we can create a future where women in tech can thrive and in which their voices are heard and contributions are celebrated. 

How would you describe your overall experience at Women in Tech DC thus far?
It was amazing to feel the energy and power of the community at Women in Tech DC!

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