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Feb 22, 2024

Q&A w/ Brooke Grammier, Chief Information Officer @ CannonDesign

Q&A w/ Brooke Grammier, Chief Information Officer @ CannonDesign
Ahead of Women in Tech DC, we caught up with one of our speakers, Brooke Grammier, Chief Information Officer @ CannonDesign to hear more about what she's looking forward to at this year's event and her advice for attendees on how to get the most out of the event! A catalyst for change, Brooke is deeply engaged in leading the design industry forward and keeps herself and those she works with at the leading edge of technological possibilities. She’s continually pushing what’s possible with breakthrough and emerging technologies, helping rapidly transform company cultures and capabilities.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Brooke! First, please introduce yourself!
Of course. I am Brooke Grammier and I have the exciting opportunity to be the Chief Information Officer at CannonDesign, one of the largest and most innovative design companies in the world. I love technology, I love mentorship, I love meeting new people, so the opportunity to come share lessons learned with the Women in Tech community is extremely exciting. What else about me? I live in Houston, TX, I have two incredible sons, and I love new adventures, travel and living life to its fullest.

What are you looking forward to at Women in Tech DC?
I had the opportunity to speak at a Women in Tech Texas event a few years back and was drawn to this community. I am excited to connect with the many incredible women who will be at Women in Tech DC.  I want to share experiences, ideas and strategies that help all of us grow.

What can attendees expect from your session?
As every company becomes a technology company, there is no time to sit on the sidelines in that evolution. My session will demystify technology transformation at an organizational level. I have had the opportunity to lead significant technology transformation at two companies now. There are ideas, lessons learned, challenges that I can share to help others do the same.

What would be your advice to other women in tech who are coming up in the industry?
Seek out opportunities, do not wait for them. Be clear about your goals and never sacrifice your authenticity. I am deeply proud that I have stayed true to myself as I have grown in my career, I want to empower others to do the same.

Women in Tech DC is built on community; what advice would you give to our attendees on building your network and furthering your presence?
I recently joined a Women in Technology podcast and talked about how opportunity is everywhere, literally everwhere, you just need to grab it. Networking is a form of opportunity. Be curious, introduce yourself to new people, go to meetings that look interesting, raise your hand when you want an opportunity. Be opportunistic as you author your career and future.

Register for your place to join Brooke for their session ‘Impactful Transformation 101: Turning Companies into Tech Powerhouses' at Women in Tech DC on May 15 - 16!

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