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Communicate to Accelerate! Driving Smart Tech x Human Decisions

15 May 2024
Career Development , Leadership , Non-Technical , VIP and Premium Ticket Holders Only

Smart adoption and implementation of new technologies hinge on your ability to communicate effectively with decision makers. You need to first understand their unique mindset, and then present bottom-line data and recommendations in their “language.” In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to do both.

The Why: Ineffective communication is making the smart adoption of AI and other new technologies challenging. Think of it as a “Mars and Venus” conversation, where, for example.

  • The business hears about AI solutions in the media and wants it, without fully understanding its capabilities.
  • Technical specialists struggle to explain what AI can do for the business and how best to implement it.
  • Frustration grows, time and money is wasted, projects don’t meet deadlines, businesses fail to meet their goals, and budgets are exceeded.
  • Improve communication between technologists and decision makers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the executive mindset to create effective communications.
  • Learn and practice an Executive Framework to develop the most clear and persuasive Opening, Key Points, and Closing Statement.
  • Employ tools to help you analyze your audience, anticipate questions, and facilitate a dynamic dialogue.

This session is for... Mid- to senior-level technology experts who need to drive the smart adoption and implementation of AI and other new technologies by effectively communicating with decision makers.

Amy Furber, Master Facilitator and Coach - PowerSpeaking
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