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Career Mastery: Navigating Transitions, Seizing Opportunities

May 15, 2024
VIP and Premium Ticket Holders Only , Career Development

In this workshop, you’ll discover expert strategies for seamless career transitions, from navigating intra-organizational shifts to advancing to executive-level roles. You’ll walk away with insider tips on leveraging personal connections, networking with executive leaders, and showcasing achievements to propel your career forward. Plus, you’ll learn the art of reputation management for maintaining a polished professional image. Elevate your networking skills with powerful relationship-building tactics to enhance your career trajectory.

The Why:
Attendees should attend this session to learn crucial strategies for advancing to executive roles. Gain essential insights into navigating career transitions, managing reputation, and building networks to propel your career to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seamless internal transitions: Master strategies for navigating intra-organizational shifts and advancing your career within your company's hierarchy.
  • Strategic networking for executive roles: Learn insider tips on leveraging personal connections and networking with executive recruiters to seize coveted executive-level positions.
  • Reputation management mastery: Understand the importance of maintaining a polished professional image and learn tactics to enhance your reputation within your organization for career advancement.

This session is for... ambitious professionals aiming to move up in their organization, seasoned executives seeking new challenges, and career changers looking to pivot. It's also ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their networking skills and reputation management strategies for career advancement.


Li Ma, Area Vice President of Defense & Intelligence - Appian
Mimi Al-Hassan, Regional Vice President, Mid-Atlantic - Appian

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