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Three Pillars To Grow Your Tech Organization

May 15, 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Digital Transformation

What key foundational traits must you develop to be an impactful engineering executive? How do you get bigger and bolder results as you move up the engineering leadership ladder? With engineering executives being the lynchpin of success in technology companies, how can you adapt to the changing landscape of high-growth organizations and enable engineering to stay aligned with the business direction continuously?

In this session, Padma will share her experience-driven playbook on harnessing technical skills, people leadership, and engineering acumen to converge toward superior customer outcomes and business impact. As the voice of engineering, you will learn the ideas and motivations behind being the two-way bridge between the business and its underlying heartbeat - the tech organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why is the Engineering Executive role important for the business?
  • How does it differ from functional engineering leadership?
  • What traits do the Engineering Executives need to exemplify?

This session is for... you if you are an emerging engineering leader, a tech lead or a team lead, an early-stage manager, or a senior technical leader currently not in management but contemplating a move.

Padma Lalwani, Vice President of Engineering - Two Chairs
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