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Strategies for Cultivating Wellness and Focus in the Digital Age

May 16, 2024
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Societal conditioning places pressure on employees to be constantly online. The inner battle between balancing work and personal responsibilities, leaves thousands of women in the workplace feeling alone and unable to priortize their goals and well-being. This workshop will share practices for cultivating wellness and focus internally to unlock ease, abundance, and connection in the workplace. The session will guide attendees through a grounding breathwork meditation to bring in a deep state of truth, wellness, and focus. Attendees will learn to use holistic health practices to create effective teams and workplaces while fostering a supportive and engaged work environment. After the grounding mediation, attendees will have time to share their experiences, connect, and encourage well-being, productivity, and accountability.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to cultivate a personal sense of care and safety while growing a career in tech.
  • Recognizing boundaries and needs, practicing self-compassion, and setting realistic career expectations
  • Practices for wellness and awareness that can be used to build and guide careers.

This session is for… everyone regardless of seniority.

Tiffany Jachja, Engineering Manager - Autodesk
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