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Reimagining Workforce Development: Resiliency in the Future of Work

16 May 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Leadership , Non-Technical

Rapid technology change requires that we reimagine how we grow, develop, and build the future workforce. In this session, one chief diversity & inclusion officer will share best practices her team has learned for growing, skilling, and diversifying a workforce in the semiconductor industry that can be applied across tech. She will also discuss the importance of diversifying tech talent through nontraditional pathways and working with local K-12 education programs, community colleges, and institutions for top technical talent.
The Why: The workforce of the future will create a demand for individuals who are trained for jobs in the semiconductor and tech industry at scale. Meeting this need will require effective and creative workforce development solutions that expand the workforce and make these careers accessible to all.
Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how historical workforce pipelines fall short.
  • Identify regions and demographics that can help fill in workforce gaps.
  • Learn how to create a coalition that engages diverse community constituents. 

This session is for... you if you are a business, strategic, or technical leader; are a manager; work in HR or recruitment; work in the public sector or public sector-adjacent (regional tech/business development)

Fran Dillard, Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer - Micron Technology
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