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Women's Roles in Cloud Technologies and AI

16 May 2024
Tech X Strategy Stage
Not to be Missed

Applying business knowledge is crucial. Women can excel in product management, utilizing their multitasking abilities to oversee cloud-based solutions from conception to market. Entrepreneurship in tech also offers a fertile ground for women to innovate, using cloud and AI to solve real-world problems. Additionally, consulting roles can benefit from women's strategic planning and market analysis skills, helping businesses integrate new technologies efficiently.

In AI development, women's perspectives are invaluable in ensuring ethical AI practices, contributing to research and development, and advocating for diversity in tech. Their involvement ensures AI systems are developed fairly and inclusively. By engaging in continuous learning, networking, and taking on roles that match their skills, women can drive innovation in cloud computing and AI, ensuring the field benefits from a diverse range of insights and approaches. This session aims to equip women with knowledge, resources, and motivation to explore or advance in cloud computing and AI, highlighting their unique value in the tech field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights on educational resources for skill development strategies for applying business acumen in tech roles
  • Awareness of the importance of ethics in AI
  • How women contribute to equitable development inspiration from success stories and career advice for navigating the tech industry
Padma Ayala, Chief Executive Officer - Virtue Tech

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