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The Power of People, The Power of Technology

15 May 2024
Tech X Strategy Stage

The technology we use today has changed significantly from what early adopters were using over a century ago, particularly the technology people rely on to communicate and connect with each other. As we face a constantly evolving future driven by technology, the considerations we make in creating and growing technology must evolve to reflect more modern populations and their needs.

Jennifer Parkhill, Senior Director, PMO & Strategy Execution, Verizon Partner Solutions, will take you on a journey of technological time travel, ending with reflections on the ways this emerging technology should intersect and demonstrate the power of people with the power of technology. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Connecting people has always been at the center of communication technology advancements
  • Power of Technology is optimized when it meets the requirements of a diverse society
  • People and Technology efforts should focus on a sustainable and equitable future
Jenn Parkhill, Senior Director, PMO & Strategy Execution - Verizon Business Group

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