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Purpose, Talent, Skills: How to Build a Workforce for Tomorrow

15 May 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Career Development , Leadership

In this session, learn why purpose is driving positive business outcomes for the workforce of tomorrow where skills, rather than degrees, are driving talent acquisition. Learn how you can leverage purpose-driven mandates, nonprofit engagement, and academic and placement partnerships to make a serious impact in the sector. The speaker will draw upon her own experience building purpose-driven programs to solve the opportunity gap in tech talent, and how companies and non-profits can take advantage of this trend.

The Why:

  • Creating a workforce for tomorrow, one that is skilled and poised to take advantage of new technologies and new geographic realities, can’t be accomplished by one sector alone. 
  • Leaning into purpose and engaging with organizations solving the world’s greatest challenges gives perspective and connection to staff and partners alike.
  • Building the workforce of tomorrow will require collaboration between all levels of business, academia, non-profits, and government.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how a purpose-driven ethos drives internal, revenue, and brand performance.
  • Discover a tactical approach to driving skills for the future of tech.
  • Solve the skills gap problem with creativity and collaboration.

This session is for...

  • You if you are a business, non-profit, strategic, or technical leader; work in HR or talent development; or are an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur interested in solving the workforce of tomorrow problem.
Vanessa Smith, President - ServiceNow
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