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The Power of Momentum: The Winding Road to Undeniable Self-Confidence

May 16, 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Non-Technical , Career Development

In this session, Anu Muralidharan shares her journey of self-discovery and empowerment, encouraging the audience to break free from societal conditioning and embrace self-doubt as fuel. She shares her personal story, including her 2-year ""Costanza Experiment,"" where she did the opposite of what she thought she should do. She offers practical advice for building self-confidence in professional settings while maintaining humility and grace. Through her engaging and comical storytelling, Anu inspires audiences to focus on personal growth and authenticity in their quest for “success” and to never forget: The only person you ever need to impress is yourself.

The Why: Even the most successful and seemingly self-confident people struggle with self-doubt at times. Anu's deeply personal keynote helps others identify if they too are on a meaningless hamster wheel and how to get off without fear. She provides a deceptively simple roadmap to overcoming negative self-talk and pursuing the career we each deserve in the form of three principles. Anu is the first to admit that this isn’t a one-time “fix it and forget it” though. To this day, she will return to these three principles when she begins to feel as though she may have lost her way and ended up back on that relentless hamster wheel.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to build the self-confidence necessary to take risks and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Why doing anything is better than nothing and how to get started.
  • When to take advice from others and how to spot someone who may have good intentions but is actually holding you back.

This session is for... those who are on their way to leadership - this session is an important reminder that “success” cannot be defined by anyone other than yourself and that there is no master plan for what you should be doing while providing three principles that can help you reclaim happiness at work and in life.

Anu Mauralidharan, Chief Operating Officer - Expensify
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