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Moving From a Game of Whack-a-Mole to a Strategic Game of Chess

15 May 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Leadership , Non-Technical

Join Kristie Grinnell, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at DXC Technology, as she shares her top lessons learned from real-life experiences. In this session, Kristie will guide you on how to apply these insights to your strategic thinking and planning for the future. Explore how to move beyond reactive firefighting and adopt a more proactive and thoughtful approach to your operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable strategies for navigating the complex business game in today’s dynamic environment. Remember, success lies not only in reacting swiftly but also in anticipating and planning strategically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navigating Operational Overload: Discover how to move beyond reactive firefighting and tackle operational challenges with a strategic mindset.
  • Adaptability: Learn to adapt swiftly in an ever-changing landscape.
  • Building Resilience and Long-term Vision: Understand the importance of strategic planning and resilience in achieving sustainable success.

This session is for... you if you’re seeking to transform your approach from tactical to strategic. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a rising leader in your organization, gain valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the complex landscape of operational overload.

Kristie Grinnell, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President - DXC Technology
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