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Elevate How You Communicate: Storytelling & Tailoring Technical Messages To Drive the Outcomes You Want

16 May 2024
Not to be Missed , VIP and Premium Ticket Holders Only

As a participant in this session you can expect to learn how to drive outcome focused communication through the Prepare/Create/Deliver framework. This framework will help you understand how to articulate your problem statement; identify stakeholders; develop direct, organized, and simple materials; check for understanding; expand your point of view; and stay focused on the outcome you’re looking to drive. You’ll then be able to leverage the session materials as a succinct guide for developing effective outcome focused communications in the future.

The Why: As engineers our solutions and ideas are only as good as our ability to articulate them. Developing our ability to effectively drive outcome focused communications improves efficiency in building buy-in from key stakeholders and accelerates the decision making process with leadership. Communication is a core competency for a reason, and learning how to stay outcome focused will help evolve that competency for engineers and technologists at all levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to effectively prepare for outcome focused interactions
  • Create simple and direct materials
  • Deliver your communication in a focused and compelling way

This session is for... any technologist looking to enhance their ability to drive and influence outcomes with teams, peers, and leadership.

Lindsay Helbing, Director of Software Engineering, Card Tech Loyalty - Capital One

Sponsored by:

Capital One
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