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A Leadership Guide for Embracing the Era of AI

16 May 2024
People X Leadership Stage
AI , Digital Transformation

In this session, we dive into the essential skills and strategies that empower leaders to thrive in an AI-driven world. Join us to explore the art of confident leadership amidst technological disruption, where we address key components such as leveraging AI for better decision-making, team dynamics, and fostering innovation. Walk away with a toolkit of actionable insights and the confidence to lead boldly into the future.

The Why: Master essential leadership skills in an AI-driven world while maintaining curiosity and an open mind to changes. Explore confident leadership in technological disruption by leveraging AI-backed decision-making, putting the person above the technology, and fostering innovation. Leave this session with clear, actionable insights on how to be a leader in the age of AI.

Key Takeaways:

  • Confident Leadership in AI Disruption - Leading with confidence in a rapidly changing AI-driven world and understanding the impact on your vision and execution.
  • AI-Enhanced Decision-Making - Discover strategies for leveraging AI to make better, data-driven decisions, enhancing your leadership effectiveness.
  • Team Empowerment and Innovation - Gain insights into optimizing team dynamics and creating a culture of innovation within your organization, driving future success.

This session is for... current and aspiring managers, managers and decision makers, innovators and change agents, entrepreneurs.

Sabina Anja, Co-Founder - Klara
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