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Fireside Chat: Who Will Lead Us Now? Building The Next Generation of Women C-Suite in Tech

May 15, 2024
Tech X Strategy Stage

Over the past year, we've seen the resignation of a number of key influential senior women in technology who have been role models for many. Tech has long been lagging other industries in the representation of women in leadership and for the most part, the positions left open in these key roles are being filled by men. In this session, we'll explore the journey and skills required to make it to the C-suite and the importance of not just getting women into tech but retaining and building them into senior roles to create the next generation of women C-suite in tech.
Key Takeaways:

  • Building the next generation of influential women leaders in technology
  • Investing in initiatives to not only increase the representation of diversity but retention and promotion
  • Learn what it takes to make it to the C-suite
Julie Murphy, President - Sage Communications
Amy Doherty, Chief Information Officer and Vice President - The World Bank
Judith Apshago, Chief Digital Officer - Amtrak
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