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Navigating the Landscape of Senior Leadership

16 May 2024
Career Development , VIP and Premium Ticket Holders Only

Have you climbed the corporate ladder of leadership only to find that the landscape looks different that you imagined? The work shifts, the goals change, your time is used differently, and even the familiar faces are no longer there. Stepping into leadership is like stepping into new terrain. But here’s a secret: everyone finds themselves navigating unfamiliar land as their leadership advances. The key is to build a new toolkit to help you tackle it. This workshop will equip you with techniques to build executive presence and guide you through the process of creating a personal board of directors to empower your career growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Presence and influence at the senior level
  • The art of leading and contributing during executive meetings
  • Building and expanding your support network

This session is for... those of mid-senior level experience (10 years) seeking leadership roles.

Meghan Slipka, Leadership & Executive Coach - Meghan Slipka Coaching
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