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A Durable Approach to Talent Recruitment & Development

15 May 2024
People X Leadership Stage
Career Development , Leadership , Non-Technical

This presentation will explore why it’s increasingly critical for companies to recruit (and develop existing talent) for a broad spectrum of skills, from digital to durable and everything in between. Important differences in the training for digital skills and durable/soft skills will be explored, and attendees will walk away with a framework for how to implement skills-based hiring and leverage it as a means to achieve DEI goals.

The Why: It’s not enough to hire based on certifications and digital skills alone, but hiring for durable skills doesn’t just mean “going with your gut” on a candidate. This session will apply a framework for incorporating durable skills in to your talent recruitment and development strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Examine the differences between digital and durable skills
  • Understand why both types of skills matter for recruitment and talent development
  • Learn how to retrain an internal workforce for the skills the company needs for the future

This session is for... you if you are a technical or business team lead, including the following titles: CHRO, Chief People Officer, SVP Learning & Development, SVP Global Talent Management, Head of Business Transformation, SVP – Engineering Management, VP Engineering

Megan O'Connor, Head of Strategic Partnerships - Chegg Skills
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