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Collaboration, Creativity, and Connection: Bringing to Work What AI Cannot

May 15, 2024
Digital X Human Stage
Non-Technical , Leadership , Career Development

With the continuing rise of AI tools, LLMs, machine learning, and more, we’re witnessing a significant shift in the skills most needed for the modern workplace. To stay ahead, it’s essential to understand how you can differentiate and future-proof yourself and your team members by developing in-demand skills, like problem-solving, collaboration, and adaptability, as well as knowing the ways you can amplify those skills within your team by implementing the right technologies and recognizing the ways your team members work best.

The Why: According to the World Economic Forum, 1.1 billion jobs are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade. To remain competitive, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the skills that are most in demand and identify the best ways to leverage technology to empower and future-proof your teams. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Review what skills currently are and will be most in demand over the coming years for individuals and teams to remain competitive

  • Understand how advanced technologies can amplify skills for both individuals and teams 

  • Discuss practical ways to promote inclusion, innovation, creativity, and agility within your teams by understanding their work styles and leveraging technology 

This session is for... 

  • You if you’re wanting concrete ways to progress and future-proof your career.

  • You if you’re looking for innovative ways to leverage technology at work.

  • You if you want ideas of ways to use technology to amplify your team members’ skills in order to create more efficient, productive, and engaged teams

Kat Judd, Chief People Officer - Lucid Software

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