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AI in Action: Lessons from the Trenches of Implementation

16 May 2024
Tech X Strategy Stage
AI , Technical

AI has many potential applications in various domains such as entertainment, education, healthcare, and business. However, implementing generative AI also poses many challenges and requires careful planning and evaluation. In this session, we will share our experience and insights from implementing generative AI in our organization. We will cover topics such as:

  • How to collect, clean, and label data for generative AI models
  • How to ensure privacy and security of the data and the generated content
  • How to upskill the tech team and train the end users on generative AI
  • How to measure and improve the quality and diversity of the generated content
  • How to leverage language models and multimodal models for generative AI

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the benefits and challenges of generative AI
  • Gain practical tips and best practices for implementing generative AI
  • The culture shift necessary for successful adoption

This session is for… anyone who is interested in or involved in generative AI projects, such as managers, developers, researchers, educators, and content creators. No prior knowledge of generative AI is required, but some basic familiarity with AI concepts and tools is recommended.

Dr. Denise Turley, Vice President of Corporate Systems - U.S. Chamber of Commerce
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